Buyer name: Brad, 24 and Charmaine, 22
Occupation: Merchandising Administrator and Assistant Buyer
Year of purchase: November, 2020
Development: Balderstones, Greater Manchester
House type: Renmore, 3 bedroom detached
Purchase price: £172,995
Mortgage cost: £450 pcm
Previous rent cost: £600 (2-bedroom flat)

Brad and Charmaine were renting a flat in Manchester and saving up ready to go to Thailand, but when lockdown hit they realised how much they wanted to buy a house with a garden and their holiday was cancelled.

Impressed by the affordability of Gleeson and the blank canvas a new build provides, they purchased their three-bedroom detached Renmore and now pay less for their Gleeson home than they were paying in rent.

Brad and Charmaine are enjoying making their house a home by adding their own style and sharing it on their blog.