Buyer name: Josh, 28, Tania, 26
Occupation: IT teacher and P.E teacher
Date of purchase: June, 2021
Development: Rainsborough Park, Knottingley
House type: Kilkenny, 3 bedroom detached
Purchase price: £184,995
Mortgage cost: £500 pcm
Previous rental cost: £800 (one-bedroom mid terrace)

Homeownership is particularly significant for Tania, as 10 years ago she was homeless and living on the streets of York.

After spending time in a Government homeless project, and then a council property, Tania bought a 2-bedroom home on Rainsborough Park. There she met her partner Josh who had also recently bought on the development in a 3 semi-bedroom home. A friendship started to blossom and a soon after they were in a relationship.

Fast forward to 2021, and the couple have bought their second Gleeson home, together on the same development. Choosing to buy a 3 bedroom detached home and are now engaged.