Buyer name: Maddy 28, Louise 24
Occupation: Charity fundraiser and HR executive
Date of purchase: March 2021
Development: Linkswood Park, Rotherham
House type: 2 bedroom semi-detached Cork
Purchase price: £105,996
Mortgage cost: £310 pcm
Former rent cost: £500 pcm (1 bedroom flat)

Louise and Maddy's life has completely changed for the better now they own their own home.

The couple were previously renting a one bedroom flat with no parking space or garden, which caused their mental health to suffer during lockdown.

Using the Help to Buy: Equity Loan the couple only needed a £5,000 deposit to secure their home. Giving them a new lease of life and more disposable income, they are only paying £310 per month for their mortgage vs their previous £500 per month rent.