Buyer name: Rosie 30, Lily 27
Occupation: Marketing Executive and Lifeguard
Date of purchase: August 2018 (Rosie), May 2021 (Lily)
Development: Carrwood Park, Bradford
House type: Tyrone, 3 bedroom semi-detached and a Waterford, 4 bedroom detached

Purchase price: £119,995 (Rosie) £203,995 (Lily)
Mortgage cost: £309 pcm (Rosie) £550 (Lily)

Single buyer Rosie bought her first home on our Carrwood Park development in Bradford in 2018. Delighted that her 5% deposit and small budget could get her a spacious 3 bedroom home, she has loved living on the development ever since.

When Rosie’s sister Lily was ready to move out of their parent’s home, Gleeson instantly came to mind. Lily and her boyfriend Jordan have since bought on the same development, being able to afford a 4 bedroom detached property for their first home.