Ben and Rebecca's story

ben and rebecca

Ben and Rebecca heard about Gleeson through Forces Property Direct who helped them with their mortgage process and paperwork, tailoring their advice to the needs of military personnel. After years of living in three-bedroom terraced properties with minimal outdoor space, the detached Renmore, complete with a driveway and a big garden, was the clear winner for their family.

The couple were delighted to discover how affordable home ownership actually is, enjoying a relatively low mortgage cost and low monthly bills due to the energy efficiency of their new home.

Rebecca said: “It’s a breath of fresh air to have a brand new home that we can call our own. Prior to buying with Gleeson, in our rented military houses we couldn’t put our own stamp on the décor; we had always dreamt of choosing our own kitchen design or being able to paint the walls, which Gleeson made possible with their fantastic options and extras range. Ben has always wanted a spacious kitchen of his own for cooking and entertaining, which the Renmore provides.”

Ben said: “Our lives have completely changed for the better since buying with Gleeson. We love that every room in our home is a blank canvas with plenty of space and our sons both have their own bedrooms, which is brilliant. We’re now closer to family, good schools and jobs, so it has been a win-win all around. We’re not wasting our money on rent, and can really plan for the future in our beautiful new home.”

Buyer name

Ben, 32 and Rebecca, 36


Armed Forces Chef and Hairdresser

Date of purchase

December 2021


Dane Park, Dunswell, Hill

House type

Renmore, 3-bed detached

Purchase price


Mortgage cost

£600 pcm

Previous rental cost

£456 (military accommodation)