Brad and Charmaine's story

Brad and char

Brad and Charmaine were renting a flat in Manchester and saving up ready to go to Thailand, but when lockdown hit they realised how much they wanted to buy a house with a garden and their holiday was cancelled.

Impressed by the affordability of Gleeson and the blank canvas a new build provides, they purchased their three-bedroom detached Renmore and now pay less for their Gleeson home than they were paying in rent.

Brad and Charmaine are enjoying making their house a home by adding their own style and sharing it on their blog.

Charmaine said: ‘We can’t believe how affordable our home is. We didn’t think we’d be able to buy a detached house for our first home but Gleeson proved us wrong. Our home actually works out cheaper than the rent and bills we were paying for the two bedroom flat, which is just incredible considering the size difference. Our home feels huge compared to the flat, we definitely made the right decision investing in our home rather than a holiday! Plus, because our home is so affordable, we’ll still be able to have treats like holidays when the time is right. We are so grateful to own such a beautiful home at just 22 and 24 years old.”

Buyer name

Brad, 24 and Charmaine, 22


Merchandising Administrator and Assistant Buyer

Date of purchase

November 2020


Balderstones, Greater Manchester 

House type

Renmore, 3 bedroomd detached

Purchase price


Mortgage cost

£450 pcm

Previous rental cost

£600 (2-bedroom flat)