Chantelle and Ben's story

ben and chantelle

The couple felt strongly that they wanted an affordable home to buy, as well as an affordable home to run, and with the knowledge that Chantelle’s Mum had low gas and electricity bills in her 3 bedroom semi-detached Tyrone, despite the increasing cost of living, the couple were confident that Gleeson would tick all the boxes.

After visiting a number of other new build developers, the couple couldn’t find anything that compared to the affordability of their local Gleeson development and the value for money. Chantelle and Ben were pleased to find that they would be able to afford to buy a 3 bedroom detached home with a garden and garage for their first home, and that their mortgage would only be £523.


After finding the buying process much easier than they expected, Chantelle and Ben are much happier now they have their own space and are able to see each other more despite their busy work pattern. The couple love the community feel on their development and have made good friends with their neighbours.

On owning their own home, Chantelle said: “Life has definitely changed for the better since buying our home! We are loving the independence that comes with being homeowners and having our own space. We loved the fact that when we received our keys and moved in, our home was a blank canvas ready for us to personalise it to our own individual taste! There was minimal work to be done and everything was brand new with a warranty, so we didn’t have to worry about anything breaking or any old mishaps… we love the idea that we are the first ones to make memories in our home!

The sales team were incredibly helpful, and were always happy to answer any questions we had. We can’t believe what a smooth process it was, and how affordable our home is. We are incredibly proud to own a 3 bedroom detached home for our first property, and we now just can’t wait to grow our family in the future!”

Buyer name

Chantelle (26) Ben (26)


Management Assistant and Police Officer

Date of purchase

December 2021


Spa Fields, Askern, Doncaster

House type

3 bedroom detached, Renmore

Purchase price


Mortgage cost