Elly and Calum's story

elly and calum

After visiting their local Gleeson development, in the heart of the community where they had both grown up, the couple were thrilled with how affordable a mortgage for their dream Gleeson home would be, with them gaining so much more space and amenities for just £90 more per month.

Wanting a blank canvas that they could personalise after being restricted in a rented home, the couple were delighted to be able to pick their kitchen choices and select upgrades from Gleeson’s options range, with Elly receiving a £1,000 voucher as part of our Key Worker Priority Programme.

Since moving in, Elly and Callum have been able to buy a dog; something they were unable to do in their rented property and are thinking about having children in the near future, as they look forward to the next goals they can tick off now they have achieved their dream of homeownership.

Elly said: “Our life has completely changed for the better since moving into our Longford, we are loving being a married couple in our own home. When we lived in our rented property, we had nowhere fixed to park so had to find nearby streets to leave our car on, which was risky. We wouldn’t want to go anywhere past certain hours as we wanted to ensure we had somewhere to park. Having a drive and a large garden is incredible, the house is perfect for our needs, the development is lovely and our neighbours are too, the area is so serene and beautiful that our friends and family are jealous and love coming to visit, which makes us feel so much happier. Our life can finally begin!”

Buyer name

Elly, 28 and Calum 27


Teacher and IT Technician

Date of purchase

November 2021


Eastfield Park, Immingham, Lincolnshire

House type

Longford, 4 bedroom detached and garage 

Purchase price


Mortgage cost

£540 pcm

Previous rental cost

£480 per month (3 bedroom semi-detached)