Layla and Paul's story

Layla and Paul

After selling their previous home in Workington, and packing all their belonging to move to Australia, Layla and Paul were devastated when their plans fell through at the airport, and the couple found themselves in desperate need of somewhere to live. Needing to move in as quickly as possible, Layla and Paul turned to Gleeson to help put a roof over their heads and back onto the property ladder.

On their journey, Layla said: “We have had an interesting journey, to say the least! Paul and I have been together for nearly 20 years and have three gorgeous dogs, we came to the decision early this year to sell our previous home, a 1960’s bungalow and move to the other side of the world, starting our new life together in Australia. However, everything fell through last minute and we found ourselves homeless at the airport with our dogs, in desperate need of a home, quickly.”

“We decided that no matter what, we would make sure our lives would be better than they were before. Even though our plans had fallen apart, we weren’t going to dwell and were determined to improve our lives for the better, with a new house being part of that plan.”

“At first we were looking for a fixer-upper/renovation project, and in fact found a home and put an offer in. As we weren’t willing to go higher due to it needing a lot of work to modernise it, our offer was rejected. We then decided to work out how much we could afford and if we used the renovation pot of money to pay off debts, could we afford a larger home that didn’t need any work? Naturally, this took us to look at new builds and where Gleeson answered all of our dreams,”


“We were lucky to find a house already built and ready for us to move into, and even luckier, it was the style that we preferred – the spacious 4-bedroom detached Dublin. Our home is much larger than a house we were originally looking to renovate, plus there isn’t the added financial burden and the possibility of finding nasty surprises -  our monthly expenses are also less than what they would have been if we bought a renovation project. It was definitely the logical choice for us!”

“We needed to move in as quickly as possible, and Gleeson was always on hand to help push their solicitors and get things moving as quickly as possible. The whole process was pretty simple for us, with it being our second home we were familiar with the procedure. We experienced a slight snag with our sink in the downstairs toilet which we raised and by the time we moved in, this was resolved!”

“Since moving in, we love having peace of mind that we have a warranty on our home, which means if there is something wrong, we just upload the issue to the website and someone comes and fixes it for FREE, compared to the numerous bills we encountered in our bungalow due to damp issues resulting in expensive bills to rectify!”

“We have found the after-sales care really good. Someone from Gleeson gives us a courtesy call now and then just to see if we need anything and the Sales Executive also keeps in touch. If something needs sorting, we don’t have to wait forever for someone to come around. Developers seem to have a bad reputation where people always say ‘make sure you find all those snags before you move in as you’ll never get things sorted if you find things after’ which simply has not been the case for us and Gleeson always seem pretty on the ball with these things.”

“We would advise anybody looking to buy with Gleeson to go round to as many show homes as you can as they are all different in certain ways. It also gets you visiting different developments and they might surprise you!

“We would also advise anyone to pay the extra and get the flooring and the fencing included. You will be surprised how much difference a floor makes when you move in straight away. Go for the turf too, you will have things to sort out when you move in and you don’t want to be saving for things like flooring and turf and then waiting for them to be put in. Plus if you get your fencing and garden sorted now, it’s one less big thing to sort out and you can just take your time with the garden!

“Finally, make use of the Sales team – they are there to help and will do everything they can to ensure your journey runs as smoothly as possible.”

Buyer name

Layla, 37 and Paul, 42


Both Executive Officers

Date of purchase

April 2023


Calluna Grange, Cumbria

House Type

4-bedroom. detached Dublin

Purchase Price